Foundation Art (NYS Standards Based)

These are galleries of our projects created during this semester. Our online course component is available HERE.

Perspective: One Point | Two Point
Contour Drawing: Marine Life | Dinosaurs | Dogs
Warm Ups: Lizard | School
Value Observations
Value from Imagination
Human Figure Study Part I: Human Form Basics
Human Figure Study Part II (Gesture):Class 1/2 | Class 7/8
New York City Archival Project: Grayscale Value (Washes)
Early Phase: Classics Project
Classics Project Phase II: Covers | Authors | Featured
Early Phase: Radial Design
Radial Design: Thumbnails | Larger
"The Wiz" Poster Design: GOLD | SILVER | GOLD (UNFINISHED)
Water Color Observational Paintings: PLANT | ELECTRONIC DEVICES | STREETS

ART HISTORY - COLOR THEORY STUDIES: Thumbnails | Landscape | Portrait | Full | More | Writing
Ancient Egypt (Early Phase): Mummy of Kharushere
Ancient Egypt: Egyptian Tablet Design Sketches
Ancient Egypt: Tablet Design
Ancient Rome: Warm Up Sketches
Ancient Rome: Tablet Design

Homework: Nancy, Edward, Carlos, Shantel, Tiernan, Ortiz, CJA, Jacob, April, Ashley, Brandon, Shantel, Tevin, Michael S, Nancy, Edward, Byron, Ernesto, Michael S., Brandon

Contest Entries: Doodle4Goodle | Doodle4Google Descriptions

Presidents:Sketches | Mixed Media
Astronauts: Sketches | Acrylic | NASA Spacecraft

Basics of 3-D Design

Paper Sculpture Unit: Working with Polygonal Shapes. (Cubes, Cones, Prisms, Spheres).
Package Design Unit I: Typography
Package Design Unit I: Product Typography
One Point Perspective (Pen & Ink): Set A | Set B

Paper Sculpture: Montage
Towers (Pipe Cleaner & Drinking Straws) Set One | Set Two
Towers (Digital): Darlene, Dannielle, Adiel
Super Sculpey: Animals I
Super Sculpey: Animals II
Chess Gallery: Set One
Magnets: Set One | Set Two